20 Reasons to Buy Bong

We won’t give you just one or two reasons to buy a bong, we’ll give you 50 of them! Without further ado, here’s the 20 biggest reasons to purchase a bong without delay.

  1. It Saves Marijuana
  2. The bong cleans the marijuana, removing any potential toxins
  3. It is fun to smoke with a bong
  4. There are tons of styles of bongs available, so no matter what you like, there is something to appease your needs
  5. You can get right to smoking since there is no rolling required
  6. They look cool.
  7. Bongs look more than cool –they are cool
  8. Your bong can double up for hash if you want
  9. Bongs are affordable
  10. There are all sizes of bongs including the mini bongs which are really awesome and fun to smoke and play with
  11. Your friends will envy you –they’ll wat your bong because it is so very cool
  12. Bongs are great conversation starters
  13. You can enjoy the trust taste and flavor of the marijuana when it is enjoyed out of a bong.
  14. Everyone else is doing it.
  15. You will have fun purchasing the bong. Shopping for them can fill hours of your time if you want it to.
  16. You can easily start a weed collection
  17. You can buy bongs online or in your local head shop.
  18. Bongs add unique flavor to your smoking experience
  19. The high that you achieve is better
  20. The smoke is crisper, less harsh.

These are just 20 of the many, many reasons why you should not delay the purchase. When you buy bong, you can enjoy all of these benefits and the rest of them, too. Don’t you want to enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest? With a bong, this is exactly what will happen.