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How to take sexy selfies

If you are trying to take seductive photos for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by how to go about getting the right shot. You’ll want to follow some simple steps to take the perfect sexy selfies.


First of all, in order to have your confidence shine through in your photo, you’ll have to be relaxed when you take it. If you are trying to show off some of your body or skipping clothes altogether, spend some time looking at yourself in a mirror and loving what you see. This will help you feel ready to look your best when the camera snaps a photo.

This can also help you decide which parts of your body you’d like to hide and which you’d like to emphasize. If you want to show off a sculpted rear end, try arching your back as much as possible, or emphasize your curves by holding the camera at a different angle.

As with any photos, the angles are going to make or break your photo. If you are trying to emphasize your chest, you’ll want to shoot from as high as possible to truly show definition. Similarly, shooting from the side or creating a silhouette with light sources can be an easy way to make sure your best assets are showing.

Taking sexy photos should never be intimidating, and can be a great way for you to show off your looks but also for you to get more comfortable with yourself. You should love your body in the way it is, and know that there are poses and techniques you can use to help make any size or shape body look super sexy. Make sure you are nice and relaxed before you start your shoot, and never put pressure on yourself to look like someone else.