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Quirky Gifting Ideas for the Festive Season

The festive season comes up and it brings with it its own set of problems. One of the biggest decision-making conundrums is what you will gift your friends. They are already making plans to give you some interesting things, and probably you are already eavesdropping on their planning, but what you thought so far? Let us help you think.

Now, we are not going to directly tell you what gifts you should buy because that could be spoiling most of the fun of shopping, right? But let us give you some ideas.

Firstly, if you are giving something to your friends, you need to give something that may not have much monetary value but it should be something that would be well-remembered. It is quite all right to give your friends a prank gift as well, because those are the ones that are really remembered and talked about. Look on eBay, and you are sure to get dozens of products that look deceptively like something else but have loads of mischief hidden within them. Like, you might want to go for a fart pillow or a button flower that squirts water on those who try to sniff at it. These are sure to elicit a lot of laughs, and everyone will want to try them out too.

If you are really in the mood for some weirder stuff, then you can try the themed toilet paper rolls that have become quite a rage nowadays, especially the Obama Toilet Paper roll. Just looking at the face of the President on something as trivial as toilet paper can bring out those laughs.

So yeah, this is the season to be weird, and the weirder you get, the more you will be remembered. Do not worry to experiment, because there’s almost half a chance that your friends are trying to experiment on you as well.