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Recipe to make yummy truffles

Chocolate is one such ingredient that absolutely nobody can resist. People of all ages are so much fond of chocolate. There are many dishes that can be accompanied by a touch of chocolate. Chocolate is sweet and that is the reason why mostly dessert recipes include the use of chocolate in it. The most popular dessert items that have chocolate in them are cakes, pastries, muffins, truffles, cupcakes, etc. today here we shall be discussing how to make truffles.


  1. A cup of chocolate chips
  2. 5 table spoons of butter
  3. 3 table spoons of heavy cream
  4. Half table spoon of salt
  5. One- fourth cup of milk and dark chocolate chips



First of all you have to melt the white chocolate chips. Then take these melted chocolate chips in a bowl. Add all the 5 table spoons of butter into it. Then mix them into a smooth mixture in a big bowl.

Next up take the heavy cream in a separate bowl. Then add all the salt to. Mix the ingredients of both the bowls together. Mix all these things well and prepare a god mix out of it. You can make this a smooth mixture by blending it with the help of a blender.

Then you must keep this blended mixture inside the refrigerator. You have to put this bowl in the fridge so that it can set nicely. This mixture should be put inside the fridge for about an hour. In this much time, the mixture will be firm enough to scoop.

Then take out this bowl of cream from the fridge. Then use a spoon to scoop out of balls of chocolate from this bowl and then place them on a plate or a tray. Then you must melt all the different chocolate chips separately and then drizzle them over the chocolate truffles. Then put these in the fridge till they are to be served.